English Accent Reduction Classes Online

Convey Clearly Los Angeles can conduct your sessions online or in person, with the frequency that best suits your needs and schedule. Because what you have to say is important. And probably pretty genius. But it may not sound that way during the most important situations. Are people doing what you tell them to do? Are they doing it promptly and easily? You won’t believe how influential and powerful you can be.

The most effective way for you to reduce your stress and improve your English speaking American is working with a coach accent reduction. This is because coaching accent is very personal. Sessions can be customized to meet your specific needs and goals. You will not spend your time dealing with pronunciation problems of others as it might in a generic class accent reduction.

In the past, if it was difficult for people outside the United States and Canada to find a native English speaker to work. Thanks to the Internet you can now find coaches english accent reduction classes quality on the web. These coaches are very dedicated to helping improve the way your talk. Most of them drive their online sessions using Skype video or other technologies.

Here are three techniques proven accent reduction can be used to improve their American English pronunciation and speak with confidence with American friends and colleagues.

You should learn the rules and syllable stress patterns in English if you want to improve your American English pronunciation. That’s because Americans listen syllable stress patterns to identify words when they hear people talk. Is that how it works.

In English words with two or more syllables, one syllable always receives a strong stress or emphasis. Here is a common pattern syllable stress: 90% of the two nouns in English syllables are stressed on the first syllable. That means you must pronounce the words TEA-Cher and the STU-dent with strong emphasis on the first syllable. The second syllable is reduced.

A good dictionary, such as the American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, which show which syllables receive stress. The vowels in unstressed syllables take on a special quality in spoken English. These elongated vowels should be pronounced with a high tone in order to make understandable words for American listeners. The elongation of vowels in unstressed syllables is vital to the rhythm of spoken English so you must do this if you want to improve your American English pronunciation. For example, when we say TEA-cher need to extend the EA and says with a high tone.


Course Type: Custom Designed

Duration: 4 to 6 sessions

Perfect For: Anyone feeling underappreciated or powerless

Are people listening to you in meetings? Are they doing what you tell them to do? Do people let you speak without interrupting?

Easily get people to listen to you and follow your lead. Right now you’re not finding it so easy to get others to do what you tell them to do. And since what you’re telling them is good for them and good for your organization, they should listen, right? This course will have people following your directions quickly and with no questions asked.

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