Accent Reduction Classes In Los Angeles, CA

Our custom accent reduction courses will help you master interpersonal communication through verbal and nonverbal cues. After an initial consultation you will have a course designed specifically around your needs. Convey Clearly Los Angeles can conduct your sessions online or in person, with the frequency that best suits your needs and schedule.

Let the experts at Convey evaluate your needs and custom-design a program just for you. Relax and have a conversation with Ita Olsen. She’ll listen to you, assess your skills and have the solution for you in no time.


Ita Olsen is one of the world’s leading authorities on speech and human communications. Her groundbreaking approach rapidly enables clients to acquire powerful and persuasive communications abilities that deliver an immediate and positive multiple return on investment — both personally and professionally.

• Featured in The Today Show, Good Morning America, WB11, NPR, The Wall Street Journal, The Financial Times, Allure Magazine, NY Post, Daily Candy and many others.

• Worked with top executives and managers at leading institutions

• Works with entertainers and performers to improve their vocal signatures

• Author of two books, Great Intonations and The Perfect Accent

• Bachelor and Master of Arts degrees in Speech Language Pathology


Because what you have to say is important. And probably pretty genius. But it may not sound that way during the most important situations. Are people doing what you tell them to do? Are they doing it promptly and easily? You won’t believe how influential and powerful you can be.

Course Type: Custom Designed

Duration: 4 to 6 sessions

Perfect For: Anyone feeling underappreciated or powerless

Are people listening to you in meetings? Are they doing what you tell them to do? Do people let you speak without interrupting?

Easily get people to listen to you and follow your lead. Right now you’re not finding it so easy to get others to do what you tell them to do. And since what you’re telling them is good for them and good for your organization, they should listen, right? This course will have people following your directions quickly and with no questions asked.

You can even practice accent reduction exercises at home. If you do not have enough for the accent reduction classes Los Angeles, then you can also get audio books that can help you with foreign accent reduction time.

Custom Designed Influence Course. 

Mini influence class. In a 1-hour session, we’ll give you techniques to apply influence and authority in your work and everyday life. $125.

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